Green Wall Breathes New Life into Waltham Cross

Installation of a ‘Living Wall’ adjacent to the A10 in Monarchs Way has been successfully completed.

The wall which is situated at the back of the Pavilions shopping centre, was previously bare brick but is now covered with a variety of plants and greenery.

Biotecture, the company responsible for manufacturing and installing the ‘Living Wall’, began the project in September last year using its revolutionary plant boxes which are 100% recyclable. Plants were carefully selected with sustainability in mind and are expected to fully establish by spring.

Contrary to conventional cladding, this natural approach will bring several benefits to the area which has been previously identified as needing air quality improvements. The wall features 6,500 plants covering a total area of 200 square metres and will naturally help to improve air quality with the extraction of a total of 460kg of CO2 per year, and production of 340kg of oxygen. The wall will also serve as a natural refuge for biodiversity providing food, shelter and a habitat for birds, bees, other insects, and invertebrates.

As a result, the area now looks more welcoming and attractive, and urban heat produced by population growth, rising air pollution and climate change will also be reduced because of the installation which is proven to decrease high temperatures in ‘urban heat islands’ by up to 4 degrees in the immediate vicinity. The ‘Living Wall’ also acts as insulation for the hosting building helping to reduce energy consumption subsequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This project was funded by the Government’s Levelling Up Fund, from which Waltham Cross was awarded £14.3 million to help improve the area. The funding is split across three key themes: Restoring Civic Pride, Enhance Life Skills and Improving Health and Wellbeing.

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Published: 18th January 2024