Council renews its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

In recognition of the contribution service personnel, veterans and military families make to the Council’s organisation, community and the country...

Broxbourne Borough Council has renewed its commitment to the Armed Forces community.

The Armed Forces Covenant seeks to ensure that members of the Armed Forces community are not disadvantaged by their service. 

The Council will execute the key principles by championing the Armed Forces inside and outside of its organisation, helping reservists to carry out their duties, encouraging its staff to become reservists, providing additional housing allocation points to veterans, supporting cadets with skills improvement, ensuring the upkeep of war memorials and continuing to participate in national events such as Armed Forces Day, Reserves Day, the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance activities.

An updated staff reservist policy has been agreed which covers all disciplines of reservists and specials, including special police constables, armed forces reservists and retained firefighters. The updated policy will support armed forces personnel with additional annual leave to enable them to carry out reservist duties.

Lewis Cocking, Leader of Broxbourne Council said:

“Service personnel, both regular and reservist, veterans and military families make an invaluable and selfless contribution to our community and to the country. The Council therefore takes great pride in pursuing every opportunity to honour and protect those in the Armed Forces and will continue to encourage the wider community to do so”.


Published: 20th March 2024