Important information

Replacement postal votes issued in eight wards

The Council has been made aware that an error had been made by the company that carries out the printing of postal ballot papers on the Council’s behalf, despite correct proofs having been checked and signed off by the elections team prior to printing.

This has affected eight of the ten wards of the Borough. The wards not affected are Goffs Oak and Rosedale & Bury Green.

The Returning Officer has a duty to administer the election in accordance with the law. Following advice from the Electoral Commission, the decision was taken to re-issue the ballot papers to voters in the affected wards. These replacement postal vote ballot papers were sent to affected voters via Royal Mail on Monday 22 April and should be received from Wednesday 24 April.

Residents in the affected areas are advised to destroy the original ballot papers they received and return the replacement ones. If they have already submitted their postal vote, they will need to do so again. 

The Council is doing everything it can to mitigate the impact of this error. The replacement papers have been clearly marked ‘REPLACEMENT’, plus an explanation of what has happened has been included in the paperwork that accompanies the ballot papers. Royal Mail has been asked to prioritise the delivery and return of the replacement ballot papers, a targeted social media campaign will be undertaken in the affected areas and members of staff will be enlisted to visit some affected households at the beginning of next week to encourage the return of the replacement ballot papers.

The Council apologises for the inconvenience and confusion this may cause members of the public. Residents with any concerns or queries can contact the Council’s helpline on 01992 785577 or the elections team on”

Published: 24th April 2024