Appeal your penalty charge notice (PCN)

What to do first

This page gives guidance on how you can appeal your penalty charge notice (PCN) - usually a parking ticket. In all cases you should make sure you have read and understood the instructions on the PCN itself, and any subsequent correspondence you receive that is related to the PCN.

If you want to appeal against a PCN, do not pay it. If you do, the Council will close the case and you will lose your opportunity to appeal.

Informal challenge

You should complete and submit the appeal form (using the link below) as soon as possible. This is called an informal challenge. Only one informal challenge will be considered for each PCN.

Appeal your penalty charge notice

Following receipt of your appeal, your case will be placed on hold and the Council will decide whether or not to cancel your PCN. The Council will endeavour to respond to you within 20 days. If your PCN is cancelled, you will have nothing to pay.

If you have lost your PCN or you cannot find the reference number, please either call our contact centre on 01992 785555 or email You will need to provide your full contact details and vehicle registration number.