I would like to apply for a blue badge

How to use your blue badge

Not all councils have the same rules in relation to blue badges and parking. The guidance below relates to Broxbourne.


  • carefully read the instructions provided when your blue badge is issued
  • ensure your  blue badge has not passed its expiry date
  • display your blue badge correctly
  • do not allow anyone to use your badge, unless you are in the vehicle
  • check all road signs before parking your vehicle
  • park safely without causing obstruction to other road users

The blue badge cannot be used:

  • to park anywhere (see where you can park below)
  • by anyone other than the blue badge holder

You should be aware that:

  • parking wardens have the right to request to inspect blue badges
  • the maximum penalty for misuse of a blue badge is £1,000
  • there is a maximum three hours stay, where parking restrictions apply
  • you should display your clock with the correct time

You are allowed to park:

  • in any blue badge (disabled) bay
  • on single and double yellow lines for up to three hours (providing you display your parking clock to the time of arrival)
  • in non-charging parking bays without payment, for as long as necessary
  • in the Council’s pay and display car parks without payment, for as long as necessary

You cannot park:

  • in locations where a loading ban is active (yellow marks on the kerbside) or in loading bays
  • across dropped kerbs
  • across pedestrian crossing points
  • across driveways
  • in a suspended (temporarily out of use) bay
  • at bus stops
  • at taxi ranks
  • on clearways or any areas marked with zig-zag lines
  • in any area or bay reserved or marked for specific users. For example, permit holders only space)

You should also read the Government rules on the blue badge scheme for use outside of the Borough.