Parking restrictions

New or extended parking restrictions

Residents and businesses can request:

  • a new parking restriction
  • an extended parking restriction
  • a review of an existing parking restriction

All requests will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Category 1 – there are urgent access issues, such as emergency services or other vehicles unable to enter a road
  • Category 2 – residents are frequently competing with commuters or local workers for limited road space
  • Category 3 – non-urgent cases where alternate on-street parking is readily available elsewhere in the street

The process for dealing with prioritised requests may include the following steps:

  • site visits by Council officers to assess the problem
  • a feasibility study for a proposed solution
  • an informal consultation with residents in the area (there must be at least 65% of support from local households and businesses for the proposal to proceed)
  • a formal consultation process
  • discussions with individual objectors and the development of a modified proposal, if necessary
  • a request made to the highways authority to implement the proposal
  • production and installation of appropriate signage and the marking of lines in the road where required

At various stages in this process, details of the proposals and their planned implementation are published in the local newspaper, on the Council’s website and notices are placed at the site. It is not possible to say in advance how long the process will take.

When there are many objections the requested scheme is unlikely to go ahead.

In order for the Council to fully consider any proposed changes to parking controls, the following details need to be submitted to

  • the name of the person submitting the request and their postal address
  • names and addresses of others supporting the request (if applicable)
  • details of the issue that the implementation of the restriction would rectify
  • location of the suggested restrictions
  • times /days there is a parking issue
  • proposed solution
  • any other relevant information (if applicable)

All requested details need to be included in order for the request to be considered. Please note that requests may be shared with Hertfordshire County Council.  

If proposed restrictions are to address a safety concern, the request should be submitted to Hertfordshire County Council via