Request parking restrictions

What is the difference between a TRO and an RPA?

Before you make your request, please ensure you are completing the correct application. If the form is not appropriate for your request, your case will be rejected.

What is a Traffic Regulation Order?

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) allows the Council to introduce traffic mitigation measures focused on a specific location. It is required to implement the following:

  • double yellow lines
  • single yellow lines
  • parking places
  • waiting, loading and unloading bays
  • verge and footway restrictions 
  • school zig zag markings
  • bus clearways
  • taxi ranks

What is Residents' Parking Area?

A Residents’ Parking Area (RPA) is an area designated for resident parking. An RPA involves multiple streets, normally at least five, and means that residents need a permit to park in that area.  Any vehicle parked without a valid permit can be issued a Penalty Charge Notice.