Create or change a street name or number

You should apply to the Council if you want to:

  • construct a new road for a residential or commercial development
  • construct any building(s) (residential or commercial) fronting an existing road
  • construct a building or buildings within the curtilage of an existing property
  • convert a dwelling or building into two or more dwellings
  • change a property name or number, or add an alias name (residential or commercial)
  • renumber a new development at the request of the developer

The Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Policy outlines how new street names should be appropriate to the local area, as well as naming conventions. You will need to follow these rules for any street names you wish to suggest.


The following fees apply:

Existing properties  
Change of house name or adding an alias name £0
Division of existing property – 1 to 5 units £107.50
Division of existing property into more than 5 units £141.50
New properties  
1 plot £71
2 to 5 plots £141
6 to 25 plots £282
26 to 75 plots £708
76+ plots £993
Additional charge where this includes naming a building £211.50
New streets  
Additional change to house numbering where this includes naming of a street £208
Existing street  
Renaming of street when requested by a resident £0


You can apply to the Council using the online form below. The process usually takes four weeks providing the name or number is not contested.

Apply to create or change a street name or number