Authority monitoring reports

Authority monitoring reports (AMRs) are prepared annually to monitor development in the Borough of Broxbourne during the previous year. The AMR includes:

  • planning permissions granted and developments completed for residential, commercial and other types of development
  • forward planning for delivery of housing over 5 and 15 years
  • updates on planning and delivery of different housing types, including affordable housing, gypsy and traveller accommodation, self-build and custom-build housing, and accommodation for older people
  • Green Belt, employment and labour market statistics for the borough
  • plans and developments in the borough’s town centres
  • progress at Local Plan sites, unplanned or ‘windfall’ developments, and permitted development schemes
  • progress with the delivery of infrastructure and other projects

You can view the authority monitoring report for 2021-2022 and its appendices as PDF files:

View the AMR and appendices