Infrastructure Funding Statement

The Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2019 require that any local authority that has received developer contributions publishes an Infrastructure Funding Statement at least once a year.

The Infrastructure Funding Statement comprises a report which contains all the information required, including contributions agreed, money received, allocated and spent, as well as photographs of projects delivered. The Council's latest statement can be viewed as a PDF file:

The Council is also required to publish the following information for 2022/23:

  • Developer Agreements – listing the dates on which all the Section 106 agreements were signed, and which planning application they relate to
  • Developer Contributions – listing the amount of money agreed in each Section 106, the purpose for which they are identified, and the planning application to which they relate
  • Developer Transactions – detailing the amount of money received, allocated and spent, and the item of infrastructure to which each transaction relates

The Infrastructure Funding Statement is closely related to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP), which sets out the infrastructure needed to support growth and development in the borough. The IDP is available here.

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