I want to request information on a Local Land Charges Search

What is a land search?

Local Land Charges searches are an important part of the property conveyancing process.

Land and property searches can be carried out by Local Authorities, private search companies and members of the public.

There are two parts to a standard Official Search carried out by the Local Land Charges team – LLC1 (Official Certificate of Search of the Local Land Charges Register) and CON29 (Enquiries of a Local Authority). Together these provide details that include whether the property has any planning consents, agreements or enforcements, is in a Conservation area, is served by a publicly maintained highway and has building regulations compliance.

Further standard Optional enquiries, covering specific matters such as environmental issues, road proposals by private bodies and Common Land, may be made by a CON29O.

The information that is provided relates only to the property or land you propose to purchase, as defined by a scale plan, preferably Land Registry or Ordnance Survey.

Solicitors generally submit search requests on their clients’ behalf but individuals may conduct their own conveyancing. The above mentioned Law Society forms may be obtained from third-party suppliers listed on the Law Society website.

Inspection of the Local Land Charges Register only may be undertaken free of charge (Personal Search). Please note that this is not a full search, refined by the Land Charges team, which may not be acceptable to mortgage lenders. Usually, this is an unassisted read-only service and no material is provided, although you can make your own notes.

All search requests are usually processed within 10 workings days, although there may be a further delay in the current circumstances. When your search request is accepted, you will be advised of the expected delivery date for the result.