Appeal a Housing Benefit or Council Tax support decision

Appeal a Housing Benefit decision

Following the processing of your benefit claim you will receive a letter setting out how the Council calculated your benefit entitlement.

If you think the information is wrong, you can dispute the decision in the following ways:

Ask for a full explanation

You must write to the Council within one month. That month starts at the date of issue of the benefit decision letter.

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Ask the Council to look at the decision again

You must write to the Council describing why you think the decision is wrong. The Council will check your claim and take into account any further information you have provided. The Council will write to let you know whether or not it has changed its decision. If not, you have the right to appeal further.

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Appeal to an independent tribunal

If you disagree with any new decision you will have a further month to write to the Council with your reasons or appeal to an independent tribunal. If the Council has not changed its decision it will forward your appeal to Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal services. You will be informed of this in writing.

You must:

  • identify the date of the decision you wish to appeal against
  • describe why you think the decision is wrong
  • provide supporting evidence

You must do the same for each decision you appeal.

Any changes in your circumstances must be reported straight away so your case can be amended.

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