Cedars Park

Steeped in history, the park was once the site of Theobalds Palace, a favoured residence of James I. Queen Elizabeth I also visited Theobalds many times during her reign. The park was given to the Borough in 1919 and today offers a scheduled ancient monument, woodland walks, formal gardens, a play maze, ponds, play trail, Cedars Nature Centre, an arboretum and a conservation area. The park covers over 19 acres and was awarded Green Flag status again in 2019.

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Opening times

January 7am to 4pm

7am to 5pm

March 7am to 6pm
April 7am to 7pm
May 7am to 8pm
June 7am to 9pm
July 7am to 9pm
August 7am to 8.30pm
September 7am to 7.30pm
October 7am to 6pm
November 7am to 4.30pm
December 7am to 4pm