Apply for discounts and exemptions


You may be eligible for a reduced Council Tax bill depending on your employment, living or property status. Council Tax is calculated by assuming that at least two adults are living in a property. However, the Council does not count some people when it calculates how many adults live in a property. This may allow you to receive a discount or be exempt even if you do not live alone. If you do qualify, the Council will send you a revised bill.

You can apply for some discounts and exemptions by completing the appropriate online form or by downloading the PDF application forms. Some applications may require a certificate of proof or medical signature.

If someone else over the age of 18 moves into the property, or a member of your household reaches the age of 18, you must immediately report a change in circumstances. You may be asked for the new address of anyone who has recently moved out of the property. 

The Council will regularly review your discount eligibility. You will be sent an email requesting that you confirm that your circumstances have not changed. If you knowingly claim a discount to which you are not entitled, this may lead to a penalty fine or criminal prosecution.