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Memorial plaques

You may wish to remember someone or mark a special event by purchasing a commemorative plaque for display in the Borough.

You can buy a commemorative plaque to be placed on a bench by completing the form below.

Plaques are 15cm x 5cm​, and available in brushed silver finish.

Standard benches can hold 3 to 5 plaques, and circular benches (around a tree) can hold 6 to 8 plaques.

You can choose a bench in any of the following locations within the Borough:

  • cemeteries (Cheshunt and Hoddesdon)
  • parks (Cedars, Cheshunt and Barclays parks only)

You can provide a picture of the location to help the Council understand where you would like your plaque or bench to be placed.

The Council will always try to meet requests, however the Council reserves the right to choose the exact location.​

The cost of a commemorative plaque is £355 for a maximum of 100 characters.

Purchase a commemorative plaque