I want to report an environmental issue or a nuisance

What you can do

Some nuisances are considered to be environmental health issues. You can report the following by completing the form below:

  • pests
  • air quality and water quality
  • land contamination
  • infectious diseases
  • drainage, including rural drainage
  • construction and demolition noise
  • bonfires and chimney smoke
  • odour
  • light
  • dust

Visit the more information page for further details on reporting some of these environmental health issues.

You can also report environmental issues relating to housing, food and licensing. 

If a nuisance is contaminating the water course, please contact the Environment Agency​.

If you suspect the issue or nuisance you are reporting is related to a more serious issue, for example drug abuse, physical abuse or swearing, please complete the report antisocial behaviour form.​

Please call the police if you or your property is in danger. If you or your property are at risk from fire, please call the Hertfordshire Fire Service.

Report an environmental issue or a nuisance