Book a park or an open space

The Borough of Broxbourne’s parks and open spaces offer a range of venues for all sorts of public events. 

Any organised outdoor event will need permission, especially when it involves: 

  • large groups of people 
  • equipment and structures  
  • music 

In the past, the Council’s green spaces have been used for carnivals, fun fairs, concerts, charity events, sporting races and more. Usually the event must be open to the general public, but you can charge people to attend.  

See which of the Borough’s nine public spaces are most suited for your event. They include:

  • Barclay Park
  • Bishops' College Grounds
  • Cheshunt Park
  • Deaconsfield Park
  • Goffs Lane
  • Grundy Park
  • Pound Close
  • Waltham Cross Playing Fields
  • Wormley 

Application process 

You will need to apply at least four weeks before your planned event. You must provide the Council with a complete list of activities, including any proposed catering operations. 

It is recommended that you do not promote the event until you have gained approval from the Council.  


Fees generally vary at each site from £245 to £470 per day. Although the Council may charge more for exceptional events, such as commercial funfairs. 

A £750 deposit is required to cover any damages. Additional costs may be incurred after the event if the Council has to clear litter or if the site needs returning to its original condition. 

Event planning and safety 

Good planning usually leads to a successful event. This includes: 

  • drawing up budgets  
  • carrying out a risk assessment 
  • deciding if you need specialist equipment, services or licences 
  • having a traffic management plan in place if you expect lots of visitors 
  • allowing enough time for the clean-up 

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, event organisers are responsible for the health and safety of everyone at an event.  

Higher risk activities such as bouncy castle inflatables or fairground rides need additional controls in place. The Council does not allow performing animals at any events and no live creatures can be sold or given away as prizes. 


You must buy insurance for your event in case something goes wrong and someone makes a claim against you. 

A minimum cover of £5 million public liability insurance is needed to host an event. 


You will need a licence for your event if you plan to: 

  • sell alcohol 
  • provide entertainment that involves music or dancing 
  • host an indoor sporting event  
  • serve hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am 


Before you apply, you must first read the Council’s terms and conditions for hosting public events. If any conditions are breached, the Council has the right to cancel the booking at any time. 

The Council will also need to see all relevant insurance documents at least 72 hours before the event starts. 

Apply to book a park or open space