You have been asked to leave by your landlord

What the Council can do

You can ask the Council for assistance if you cannot sort out your situation yourself. The first thing the Council will do is try to help you stay in your current home. You should be ready to give as many details as possible, including:

  • contact details for your landlord
  • copies of your rental agreement
  • any notices or court orders you have been sent
  • identification (ID) for you and anybody else who is part of your situation - including one ID with a photograph and one with proof of your address
  • your financial information - for example, bank statements and benefit letters

The Council may:

  • negotiate with your landlord
  • check the terms of your rental agreement
  • help you find out your rights to remain in your current home
  • help you identify any other places where you have a right to live
  • put you in touch with other organisations that could help you