I am an existing customer and I need further help and support

What you can do

If you are an existing customer, you can complete the form below to contact the Council if:

  • you have already completed the 'Request for Housing Advice' form
  • you have joined the Council’s Housing Register and have been issued with a HomeOption number
  • you are living in temporary accommodation provided by the Council and you want to raise a housing query

If you want to apply to join the Housing Register you should visit the HomeOption website and complete an online application form. 

If you have not contacted the Council before and need housing advice, you should first visit the Council's housing advice page and fill out the housing first contact form. If you are a private tenant or living in a property managed by a housing association, you will need to contact your landlord.

You should only complete the form if you:

  • are on the Housing Register and have an issue logging into your HomeOption account
  • are in temporary accommodation and have received an eviction notice
  • are in temporary accommodation and have a repair that needs reporting
  • have a query about your homeless application (which cannot be answered by your Personal Housing Plan)) and you need to speak to your Case Officer
  • have a query about a food bank voucher being issued to you
  • are in temporary accommodation and have a query about rent arrears or you have received a rent arrears letter
  • are in temporary accommodation and have a problem paying your rent
  • are in temporary accommodation and have lost your keys or are locked out

Should you require help with anything else, please return to the main Housing section.

Request further help and support