The recycling facilities at the V&E Club, Goffs Lane to be relocated

The Recycling Point located at the V&E Club in Goffs Lane will relocate to the Hammondstreet Road site, week commencing Monday 3 October.

The Borough’s Recycling Points provide an opportunity for residents to recycle glass bottles and jars, paper and flattened cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, pots and tubs, and textiles.  No other material, or waste should be taken to or left at these sites. 

The Recycling Point at the V&E Club, Goffs Lane is unfortunately subject to regular misuse and the Council has recently taken the decision to relocate these facilities to the Hammondstreet Road site at the end of this month.

The Council’s A to Z Recycling Guide provides detailed information on what can and cannot be recycled both in the kerbside recycling collection, and at the Borough’s Recycling Points. For a full list of the Borough’s Recycling Points please click here.

Residents are reminded that other waste materials may be taken to the  Household Waste and Recycling Centres located at Brookfield and Pindar Road, Hoddesdon.  These sites are managed by Hertfordshire County Council and information on the opening times, and which materials can be taken can be found here.  

Published: 21st September 2022