I would like to request planning advice

Formal advice (pre-application)

This service allows professionals and large companies to book an appointment with a Planning Officer before submitting an application. This service will:

  • help you to understand the planning process
  • give you more certainty about your application at an early stage
  • help to quickly resolve any issues with your application
  • avoid any delays to your application

 The Planning Officer will provide advice about:

  • relevant research to your application
  • key issues likely to be raised
  • any information required if a formal planning application is to be made
  • changes that could be made to improve your application
  • the likely outcome of a successful planning application

A written summary of the above will also be provided. You can request planning advice by completing the form below.

You will need to provide:

  • the band for which you are applying
  • your contact details
  • your relationship to the property
  • the development address
  • details of the proposed development

Request formal planning advice