Report an issue with a tree

What you can report

You can report an issue with a tree on land owned by the Borough of Broxbourne. This includes:

  • streets
  • parks and open spaces
  • cemeteries and churchyards
  • allotments

You can report issues relating to public safety:

  • branches overhanging building
  • damaged trees
  • fallen trees or branches
  • dead trees or branches
  • leaning or uprooted trees
  • trees interfering with traffic or signage and sight lines

You will need to:

  • give your contact details
  • confirm whether the tree is on private property or land
  • state the main issue with the tree
  • give details of any obstructions
  • give the location of the tree

You should report any damage to footpaths or drives, caused by roots from street trees, to Hertfordshire County Council.

Report an issue with a tree