Report an issue with a tree

Issues unlikely to be considered

Trees on land owned by the Council are maintained at the public expense. The Council will only consider carrying out works in the interests of health and safety.

Here are some issues the Council are unlikely to consider:

  • trees blocking light or the loss of shade to buildings or gardens
  • sap dripping from trees
  • leaves, cones or fruit falling from trees creating a litter problem
  • bird droppings
  • interference to satellite or TV reception or solar panels
  • pollen and allergies      
  • tree growth overhanging from an adjacent garden or driveway

Tree maintenance

Trees will be pruned or removed when they are:

  • diseased, damaged or dying
  • a danger – for example if a tree, or part of it, has fallen or is at risk of falling
  • causing damage to a property
  • getting in the way of vehicles or pedestrians

The Council ensures trees remain safe and healthy through a regular programme of inspections. Pruning is carried out when it is needed to keep trees healthy. However, the Council does not prune every tree each year. Priority is given to those trees which are diseased, damaged or dying