I would like to apply for access across the kerb to my house (a dropped kerb)

What you can do

Where vehicle access is required to a property across a pavement or verge, a dropped kerb needs to be approved and constructed by the Council.

You can apply for a dropped kerb in front of your property by completing the application below. You can also apply to extend your existing dropped kerb. You will need to provide:

  • a sketch of where you would like the dropped kerb to be placed
  • a non-refundable payment of £109
  • permission from the landowner, if you do not own your property

Self-assessment checks

Please carry out the following checks before you submit your application and payment.

Check 1 - is there enough room on your property?

The ideal depth between the pavement or verge and the front of your house or garage is 5m to ensure the average vehicle does not overhang the pavement.

Check 2 - is your driveway wide enough?

A minimum width of 2.4m is required for each vehicle.

Check 3 - is it possible to consider parallel parking?

In these instances the driveway must be at least 7m wide and at least 3.6m deep. This will only be considered where the dropped kerb could provide space for easy entry and exit, and where there is low pedestrian usage of the footpath.

Check 4 - will the dropped kerb be too close to a junction?

A dropped kerb must be at least 10m from a junction. This may be increased to 15m on major roads or close to busy junctions.

Check 5 - will you have clear visibility of other vehicles and pedestrians?

Vehicles leaving the property must have clear visibility of at least 2m in either direction from a distance of 2m back from the footpath. This visibility splay must be kept clear of any plants, objects or structures taller than 60cm. Greater visibility may be required on classified or busy roads.

Check 6 - do you live on a high speed road?

If so, there must be enough space on your property for a vehicle to turn around. This would avoid the need to reverse onto a busy road.

Check 7 - will the dropped kerb restrict the use of a parking bay or lay-by?

If so, your application is likely to be refused.

Check 8 - will the dropped kerb result in a loss of amenity land?

If it is likely to result in the loss of or damage to a major area of grass, your application may be refused. The Council is unlikely to approve a dropped kerb which will be longer than 5m in length. 

A gap of at least 1m must be maintained between a dropped kerb and a tree. This may be increased at the discretion of the surveyor based on the size of the tree and any visible roots. If the dropped kerb will result in the loss of/damage to an established tree, your application may be refused. 

Check 9 - how steep will the crossing and your driveway be?

Both the proposed dropped kerb and your driveway must have a gradient of less than 1 in 10 (10%). If you are planning a new driveway or extending one, you may be asked to provide a plan for your proposed driveway to show how you will avoid an excessive ramp.

Apply for a dropped kerb