I would like to apply for access across the kerb to my house (a dropped kerb)

What you can do

Where vehicle access is required to a property across a pavement or verge, a dropped kerb needs to be approved and constructed by the Council.

You can apply for a dropped kerb in front of your property by completing the application below. You can also apply to extend your existing dropped kerb.

You will need to provide:

  • A sketch of where you would like the dropped kerb to be placed
  • A non-refundable payment of £109
  • Permission from the landowner, if you do not own your property

Additional restrictions

If the dropped kerb is proposed for a classified road, a planning application is required, in addition to the dropped kerb application.

You can find if your road is classified here and the costs and application process for planning applications here:

I would like to request planning advice

If the proposed dropped kerb presents additional engineering challenges, you may need to apply for a Section 278 Agreement, directly with Hertfordshire County Council as the Highway Authority. You can find the costs and application process here:

Highways, road and pavements

Apply online

Complete the form using the button below to apply for an access across the kerb to your house:

Apply for a dropped kerb