Self-build and custom housebuilding

Claim a local connection

The self-build register for the Borough of Broxbourne has two parts. If you can show a local connection with the Broxbourne area you will be placed in Part 1 of the register and will benefit from early information about landowners and developers offering sites.  

You must be able to demonstrate at least one of the connections listed in the table below to be placed in Part 1 of the Council’s self-build and custom housebuilding register.  

Evidence must be submitted with your application to demonstrate that the local connection has been met.  

If you are making a joint application, everyone in the group must be able to demonstrate a local connection to go into Part 1 of the register.  

If you do not have a local connection or cannot provide evidence of a local connection, you will be placed in Part 2 of the register and will not receive first information about local self-build plots.

The table below shows the types of evidence needed to demonstrate a local connection. 

Connection Example of evidence
You have lived in the Borough for three out of the last five years. Current or former council tax bills, utility bills or a lease agreement.
You have a permanent job in the Borough. Contract of employment, letter from employer on headed paper or a wage slip giving the address of your employer.
You have a close relative (parent, sister, brother or child) who currently resides in the Borough, and has lived here for three out of the last five years, or if very young, since birth. Name of your close relative and the nature of your relationship, and evidence that this individual lives in the Borough. For a child, this could be a GP letter, a letter from the school or a child benefit record.
You are currently serving with the armed forces or have left the service within the last five years. A military ID card or a military discharge record including date of leaving services.

Please do not send original documents as the Council will not be held responsible for returning original documents to you.