Garden (green) waste recycling

Subscribe to the green waste collection service

Most houses and flats with their own individual gardens can subscribe to the green waste collection service. The Council will supply you with a green 240 litre wheeled bin which will be collected every two weeks with the exception of a two week period over Christmas and New Year when the service will not be offered. 

You will also be given a sticker that you must attach to your green bin in order to make your subscription active.

The annual fee is:

  • £34 for a direct debit subscription
  • £42 for payment by debit or credit card

You should contact the Council if you need additional green bins.

Green waste bins should be put out for collection on the property boundary (or other agreed collection point) no earlier than 7.30pm on the evening before the collection day, and no later than 7am on the morning of collection.

You can view the following document as a PDF file:

The easiest way to subscribe to the green waste collection service is to use the online form below.

Subscribe to the green waste collection service

You can also download a direct debit mandate as a PDF file and send it to the Council.