Garden (green) waste recycling

Cancel your green waste subscription

You can cancel your green waste collection subscription at any time. However, payments already taken for the year cannot be refunded.

Your subscription will be cancelled immediately and the green bin will be collected. However, the collection of unwanted bins is not a priority and the Council cannot guarantee how long after cancellation this will be done.

If you have more than one green bin and you want to reduce the number of bins for which you pay, this can only be done during February and March. No refunds will be made for cancelling part-way through the year.

The easiest way to cancel your green waste collection subscription is to use the online form below.

I want to cancel my green waste collection subscription

Moving within the Borough

If you are moving home and you want to continue with your green waste collection subscription, you will need to inform the Council of your change of address. New stickers will then be issued to your new address.