Breach of planning complaint form

Please complete all the details below. We need all these details to ensure that we can carry out a full investigation, contact you for more information, if necessary, and keep you informed. Please be advised that anonymous complaints are not treated with the same priority as complaints made by named persons. Personal information will be kept securely and confidentially and will not be passed to third parties without your permission.
Before completing and submitting the form, please refer to the list of matters that cannot be dealt with by the Planning Enforcement Team.
For your information, the Planning Enforcement Team cannot investigate the following issues: 
  •       boundary wall disputes
  •       party wall or other ownership
  •       dangerous structures
  •       smell, noise and general pollution
  •       out of hours construction or disturbances
  •       health and safety
  •       site security
  •       sewers, soakaways or other drainage matters (other than those relating to front garden paving)
  •       matters relating to a public highway, including commercial vehicles parking in residential areas or on grass verges or traffic obstructions
  •       running a business from home where the residential use remains the main use and there is no negative impact upon the local area
  •       clearing undergrowth and trees from land (where the trees are not in a conservation area or protected by a Tree Preservation Order) or general gardening works
  •       graffiti or damage to property


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