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Latest update

Following the latest announcement in the March 2020 Budget, it has been confirmed that all retail, leisure and hospitality businesses irrespective of the Rateable Value will be eligible for a 100% retail discount. The discount will take effect in the 2020/2021 financial year to all occupied retail, leisure and hospitality properties.

Due to the timing of the budget announcement, the 2020/21 business rate bills have already been sent and these will be reissued in the next two months with the correct level of discount for eligible businesses.

Email the Council at [email protected] if you require further information.

What are business rates?

Business rates are charged on most buildings or structures which are not residential dwellings. The Council will send a bill to everyone who pays business rates before the start of each financial year. This bill will show the net amount due after any reductions have been applied. 

The Council calculates your business rates bill for a property by multiplying the rateable value of the property by the appropriate non-domestic multiplier. There are two multipliers: the national non-domestic rating multiplier and the small business non-domestic rating multiplier. The Government sets the multipliers for each financial year. The multipliers for 2020/21 are:

  • 0.512 for the non-domestic rating multiplier
  • 0.499 for the small business non-domestic rating multiplier

The multiplier for a financial year is based on the previous year’s multiplier adjusted to reflect the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation figure for the September prior to the billing year. The current multipliers are shown on the front of your bill.

You can find further information on how business rates are calculated at GOV.UK.

The Council maintains a list of all the businesses within its boundaries that are liable for business rates. This list shows the address, description and rateable value of the business. It does not include sole traders or partnerships.

You can download this list a PDF file (it is not exhaustive and if your property does not appear on it, you may still be liable for business rates).

List of businesses - January 2021

If the property is empty, it could still be liable for unoccupied property rates, and the person who holds the legal title for the property is responsible for paying the bill.

You can view the Council's business rates information leaflet as a PDF file.

Business rates information leaflet

GOV.UK provides more details on business rates.