Public speaking scheme

What you can say at a planning committee meeting

You should prepare what you want to say in advance and ensure that it fits within the three-minute time limit (although you do not have to use the full three minutes). The planning agenda on the application is available a week in advance and this may help you to prepare your presentation.

You should base your argument on:

  • planning grounds - for example, loss of light or privacy, or highway safety or parking issues due to a proposed development
  • the proposal’s effect on the appearance of an area, or the impact on listed buildings and conservation areas nearby
  • national and local policies and government guidance

The Council provides planning information, advice and guidance to help you.

Your argument cannot include:

  • comments on the developer’s motives
  • loss of view
  • boundary and ownership disputes
  • issues regarding private rights of way or covenants

You cannot make personal, slanderous or abusive statements. You should not interrupt another speaker or any committee debate.