Apply for animal activity licences

Animal activity licences

You will need a licence for the following animal-related activities: 

For new applications, planning permission may also be required. 

It is an offence to run unlicensed animal activities involving animals. Doing so could result in an unlimited fine or up to 51 weeks in prison – or both.   

Star rating system 

All premises will be inspected before a licence can be granted. A ‘star rating’ is awarded by the inspectors. Higher marks are given for welfare standards and history of compliance. 

Inspectors will also be looking for: 

  • specialist knowledge of the species you are caring for 
  • measures that support the health, safety and wellbeing of the animals 

Length of licence 

The star rating received determines the length of licence. Licences are valid from one to three years. 

Licences should be renewed at least four weeks before the expiry of the existing licence. 


You will need to: 

  • be over 18 
  • keep the animals within the Borough of Broxbourne 
  • have not committed an animal welfare offence 
  • provide accommodation for the animals that is adequate and secure 
  • show the Council a plan of the premises where the animals will be kept 
  • have the relevant insurance in place for your animals 

Fees and inspections  

The initial application fee costs £85. If the Council grants a licence, you will then be asked to pay a licence fee. 

Higher Tier - new licence   Lower Tier - new licence  
Dog Daycare Centres (6 or more dogs) £512.50 Daycare for dogs (5 or less dogs) £434
Commercial kennels for dogs £512.50 Home boarding for dogs £434
Dog breeding £512.50 Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition £434
Boarding for cats (Catteries) £512.50 Licence renewal for all Lower Tier activities £382.50
Hiring out horses £512.50    
Selling animals as pets (pet shops) £512.50    
Licence renewal for all Higher Tier activities £452    
Additional fees (applicable to all Higher and Lower Tier animal activity licences)  
Variation of licence £177.50 Transfer of Licence £57
Re-rating visit £177.50 Copy of Licence £34

You can find information on dangerous wild animals licensing here. The Council aims to issue licences within 10 weeks.

Your premises will be inspected before and after you get a licence. The cost of any vet or inspection fees are not covered by the application fee or licence. You must pay for them separately. The amount will be confirmed after each inspection. 

Licence holders should expect a site visit at least once a year, although those with a higher star rating will be visited less frequently. Visits may take a number of hours for those who breed dogs or hire out horses as a vet is required to carry out the inspection.